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Successability. Yes, we all have it!…the ability to succeed.

SUCCESSABILITY. Yes, we all have it!..

The ability to succeed! Ranking at 130, (from 14,500+ a month ago) I received my 8th Wealthy Affiliate success badge for my accomplishments so far and for making it to the top 200!

I wasn’t really aware of it much, though, as I’ve been so busy having A BALL (duh!) within the community and finding out how to do everything!


I watched and commented on training modules, welcomed people to WA, asked questions and replied to some great answers, gave feedback on people’s web sites, and got to know tons of people here! Then, piece by piece I implemented what I learned from all these ways into my web sites and business.


It’s great! I get up in the morning, feed my kitties, turn on my computer..and I’m at work! I really do feel like I’m at work and I have OVER ONE MILLION CO-WORKERS and TWO INCREDIBLE BOSSES that help ME! It’s amazing here and so informative! (ya think?!)

I also feel like I’m back in college! I have learned more here than I ever have anywhere, and, unlike in school, I AM TEACHING OTHERS what I know, at the same time. How cool is that? I love helping with questions that I can answer. This PAY-IT-FORWARD SYSTEM is a win-win situation.


The opportunity here showcases Wealthy Affiliate to be the BEST ONE I have ever come across or been involved with in my lifetime! (Sadly, there have been a few not-so-good companies.) Everything that I have been told that could be possible…IS possible. In other words, doing the exact step-by-step Classrooms, Certification Courses and Affiliate Bootcamp has made me feel that I CAN DO ANYTHING and has also built up my confidence. The particular way that this affiliate business experience is set up paves the way for success to ANYONE AND EVERYONE who enters. IT IS MAPPED OUT TO PERFECTION! The tools here are brilliant and it’s CRAZY INEXPENSIVE TO BE A PREMIUM MEMBER! (equal to one dinner out a month and easily made back in one or two sales). (hello?)


I tell you, I feel so blessed to have STUMBLED onto this GOLDEN PATH TO SUCCESS, and in just three short weeks I am beginning to reap the benefits of all my determined work. I have the SUCCESSABILITY to get ahead in life and I truly, and with complete confidence, know that it is happening NOW!

I joined in September of 2016, but didn’t start working right away and then remained idle for 5 months due to an injury. I just “started” plugging into everything again in a serious manner just under a month ago. So, here I am working to the best of my ability, building a SUBSTANTIAL, HIGHLY PROFITABLE BUSINESS that I can be proud of with things I already know about and do anyway (building and maintaining web sites and Writing). Therefore, it has woven its way into my life!


My niches within my business exploit my personality and are in tune with the WA business itself!

https://makemoneyatcollege.com Helping people (especially college students starting out in the world) earn income and get a jump-start in life.

http://ladies-night-in.com Giving ladies a place to go for recipes, shopping, blogging, sharing ideas, relaxing, etc., and just being women! It’s ME in every sense of the word! LOL! (I have a gift of gab, which will show in my blogs!)

http://catsandchristmas.com The best Christmas gifts for your feline pets, as well as every day items and other holiday novelties.

WA SIMPLY GIVES YOU 50 FREE WEB SITES AT PREMIUM LEVEL..and TWO WHEN BECOMING A STARTER MEMBER! It’s so exciting and fun deciding what my next site will be targeted to! (Watch out, internet!) Site Ideas for the near future in the making: a cat site, home recipes/cooking, my fiance’s business site, Amazon sales, and, of course, a new site for my published books, etc., etc.

Lastly, life is your own journey to a destination of your choice. Whatever path you choose, believe in yourself and in those around you, and you’ll be happy.


In conclusion, the business is real, the people are real, the profit is real. This unique and special Pay-It-Forward business community helps one another with…well, LIFE! (Uhh, so what are you waiting for? Let’s do this thing!)

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