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how to get viral traffic to your websiteHow To Get Viral Traffic To Your Website – Adding Value

There are so many ways to get viral traffic to your website. Adding value is key to your new online business in order to become an entrepreneur and produce traffic, clicks, purchases and unlimited success. The main focus on your web site is your audience.

Therefore, the traffic that will flow to and through your web site is what you need to concentrate on in becoming a viral success! Hence, here are endless tools to help you on your journey of mastering the web.

Getting you in tune with the whole process is a must before getting started. The following information will help you on your way!




1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

High ranking in organic search results. SEO is the business that helps optimize web sites to upgrade the organic search results. This is done by molding a web site in a search engine’s (Google, Bing, Yahoo) algorithm. This process called algorithm is done with rules followed to calculate errors. The SEO fits a website to Google’s algorithm. LEARN MORE

2. Keyword Stategy (Getting unique words searched)

Keyword Strategy is centered around decisions made surrounding your keyword research. It stems from the language your audience uses and how high up in rank it is on the keyword searches. The best platform in drawing a viral audience to your keywords is Jaaxy viral keyword research.

3. Site Structure (Essential Content)

Content on a web site is key to developing important and searched information that people need in learning on the internet. If the structure of your site is interesting and engaging, the Bounce Rate will reduce, maintaining interest so viewers will scout around and view more of your site. LEARN MORE

4. Technical Issues (Correct Set-up)

a. Crawability (Crawling Around Your Site): Crawling by Google helps your rank immensely!

b. Bread Crumbs Breadcrumbs visualize the path taken as visitors click through your site. Breadcrumbs allows Google to easily see the structure of your site which in turn results in higher ranking.  LEARN MORE                          

5. Site Speed (Important so traffic can browse around with ease without lagging.) LEARN MORE

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