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Big Viral Traffic

BIG VIRAL TRAFFIC = SUCCESS. Drive traffic, build quality followers and improve your website ranking online all in one place. When doing this, your site will go viral in no time at all!
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  • Gain More Social Traffic

  • Search Keywords w/ Tools (Jaaxy Viral Keyword Search)

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  • Connect your site to other communities

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Big Viral Traffic is the key to success when maintaining a business on the internet. Social sharing is key to this thriving industry.
There are multiple ways to draw much needed traffic to your website. Below are ways in which to succeed!


Keywords Search Tools:

Jaaxy is the best keyword search tool and it’s free to use up to 30 searches.

Plugins enhance traffic:

There are endless plugins that are accessible through WordPress. In creating websites with WordPress, you gain free plugin downloads. Here are some of MY favorites to help viral traffic:

Content Locker:

With the Content Locker plugin, you are basically trading your valuable content for social shares – whether in the shape of a Facebook Like or a Tweet.

You are giving your visitors a chance to read more content by giving a social vote to the URL you want.

Content Locker acts as a payment wall, but instead of giving you money to read your content – your visitors are giving you a social vote which in turn helps your content go viral over the course of time. Just imagine turning every visitor into a follower or a fan. You can keep marketing to them in the future, and with their “Likes” and Tweets, their friends will come to know of your website and content as well.

It is a win-win situation really. Your visitors get access to your valuable content and you get more followers, likes and traffic.

Yoast SEO: (Yoast Search Engine Optimization)

This program plugin helps to get all your keywords searched through their system. Use this plugin to help monetize leads to your website. Within each page associated to your WordPress site, Yoast SEO tracks readability and keywords and let’s you know what content and words are best to use. It is a must when creating a website.

WP Google Authorship:

This plugin integrates your Google Plus Profile with WordPress. It is a great added extra for authors and WordPress multi-sites. When someone searches you on Google, your Google Plus photo image appears in the search. This easily tracks the search engines more thoroughly.

All In One SEO Pack:

This is another great plugin for Search Engine Optimization and tracks your site content to Google with its unique tracking system.

Analytify – Google Analytics Dashboard:

Analytify puts Google Analytics on your website and lets you track all incoming and outgoing traffic on your site. It lets you know where the traffic came from, how long they were on, how many clicks were drawn to your site and at what times, and so much more! It basically tells you everything about the traffic to your sit. This way, you’ll know how to adjust your keyword, add more content, etc. so that your traffic expands to all parts of the globe!

AdSense Integration WP QUADS:

You’ll want to get an AdSense account set up if you want  the traffic on your website to purchase through ads. AdSense lets you place various ads on your site relating to the content. When someone clicks on one of the ads, your AdSense account shows money earned. The more traffic to your site, the more money you make! It’s that simple.

Pinterest Pin-It Button:

The Pinterest Pin-It Button lets you further your traffic from your website to your Pinterest pages. There is a whole new world within the Pinterest community. When people want to Pin any of your pictures or content, they just press your Pin-It button and are taken to Pinterest to do so. It expands traffic among your social media.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of similar plugins that you gain access to for fre that will spiral you to wealth by increasing the traffic to your site, allowing you to GO VIRAL!. How do you do this? The answer is below…



Wealthy Affiliate  is a great way to gain access to everything seen on this page and more. When trying out a FREE Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate, you will get 2 FREE WEBSITES to manage with never any fees. All the plugins mentioned here and endless more plugins will be at your fingertips to implement. If you want to go Premium, it increases to 25 FREE WEBSITES with very little start-up or fees down the road..everything in the Starter Membership and a lot more!
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2 Responses to “Big Viral Traffic”

  1. October 11, 2017 at 8:03 am

    Great post and very thorough. I learned a lot about the social media sites and how to maximize exposure. I am still in the early learning stages here at WA and articles like you have here are helpful. I love learning every day and I love Wealthy Affiliate, it has changed my life.

    • October 15, 2017 at 5:39 am

      Hi Riley and thank you for visiting! So glad you gained knowledge here! Yes Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible platform for creating a successful business. They have all the tools imaginable to help you succeed and step-by-step training to get you there! I wish you all the best! It is a wonderful community of like-minded individuals who are serious about making substantial money with an online business. See you around!

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